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I did a speaky thing.

Stepping up to the podium

The Photography Show 2018 happened at the NEC in March and I was delighted to be asked back and deliver a series of talks.

This year saw the Photo Show introduce more video elements, and I was honoured to be asked to speak about the use of video production.

The audiences were mostly all photographers (not surprising considering it was a photo show!)

With video becoming more important as an offering there was a huge amount of interest in my topics. Even on the 'snow day' there was a packed house on the video stage.

I spoke on 2 topics in 2 different theatres (over all the 4 days!) - Using your smartphone to shoot professional videos, and the other seminar was about adding value to your business with video.

If you want to see the demo I shot for the seminars have a look below. It was ALL shot on my iPhone - edited afterwards but the iPhone camera was the only one I used.

I was also interviewed in a Q&A for Sennheiser about the use of audio in video productions, as well as hosting the student day and panel discussion.

Due to the success of the talks - I decided to offer workshops. Both about getting the absolute best video quality possible from smartphones and also how to get set up and running as a photographer offering video shoots as a way to generate more income.

If you'd like to know more about the workshops please drop me an email or find me on Instagram @satureyes

Thanks to Jeremy Graham-Cumming for being there with his camera.

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