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Bringing 2018 in virtual reality

satureyes 360 photos and videos

As the clocks roll over into 2018 we are massively proud to announce the latest member of the Satureyes Media Family - Satureyes360

The latest addition to the business strengthens the offering to new and exciting technologies.

Complimenting Satureyes Video, Satureyes Photography and Satureyes Aerial, we will now be offering our clients a full 360 degree photo and video service.

Using the latest technology we are now able to create immersive content, in 360 both with still and moving images as well as live streaming and 3D.

Throughout December we were hard at work on a massive project for one of the countries major events companies, documenting some of their incredible venues. We even put a 360 camera inside one of the fairground rides!

Forming an integral part of Best Parties Christmas 2018 marketing campaign and beyond - Satureyes were able to offer high-quality, cost effective 360 degree images. Best Parties will soon be able to showcase their venues through interactive experiences, both online and with VR headsets as well as at trade-shows and a whole lot of other marketing activities.

Take a sneak peak at one of the tours below.

With this addition to Satureyes Media, we can now offer a huge variety of creative possibilities to our clients. From down on the ground to up in the air - the only limit to what we can do is what we can dream of together.

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